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Just love art!!!

Fan Art


2012-10-06 Japanime / Manga
Sept 2012
Colored pencil
Finally done with this one!!!!!! started on 2009!! :S


2012-10-06 Japanime / Manga
Colored pencil

Love Hina mix

2012-10-06 Japanime / Manga
Ink, colored pencil & markers

girl from videogame :)

2012-10-06 Japanime / Manga


2012-10-06 Japanime / Manga
Sept. 2011

Street Fighter: Chun Li

2010-12-30 Japanime / Manga
A3 Black pen


2010-12-30 Japanime / Manga
A3: Pencil


2010-12-30 Japanime / Manga
black & purple marker

Just A Sketch

2010-12-30 Japanime / Manga
Just Pencil

Provo Canyon

2010-12-22 Japanime / Manga
A3 Watercolor: Watercolor over ink technique

Wild flowers

2010-12-22 Japanime / Manga
A4 Watercolor: Layers technique

My mom's portrait :)

2010-12-22 Japanime / Manga
A3 Watercolor: Portrait

Love under oceans

2010-12-22 Japanime / Manga
A3 Watercolor: pouring technique


2010-12-22 Japanime / Manga
A4 Watercolor: layers technique

Just praciting

2010-12-22 Japanime / Manga
A4-Watercolor: watercolor over ink technique

Tifa FF

2008-10-24 Final Fantasy
A4 Charcoal. 2.5 hrs aprox. :) Im going to do a big charcoal piece, so i was just practicing.

Yuffie FF

2008-09-27 Final Fantasy
Finally finished it :D Hope its what u guys expected from it. Please let me know what u guys think about it. Y-Y
Its all pencil, and the size is A3
( 11"x14" , 27.9 x 35.6 cm)


2008-09-15 Final Fantasy
I am still working on this one...!!!!! it will be ready in a week. :P Hope you guys like it.

Thinking About U !!

2008-08-13 Not a fanart
Its just a simple thing i did to try my new Faber-Castell astist pen(manga set) pens and brushes. I am working on another cool project, again with pencil.

Rosa Y Rufa Portrait June 08

2008-06-26 Not a fanart
Finally !!!!This is actually my first serious portrait, and I am proud of it :D Its me and my best friend. Totally pencil. Hope u guys like it,:) ill try to do more of this soon. Thanks

Alone In Earth

2008-06-10 Not a fanart
15 mins


2008-04-23 Naruto

Chii OOOppppssssssssssssss !!!!!!!!!

2008-02-05 Clamp Studio
just a quick thing as always, im letting you guys know that im working in something nice.... :)

Bleach Mix

2008-01-28 Bleach

9 30 2007 Magazine

2007-10-07 Japanime / Manga

Dante Trio Comic, 2007

2007-07-05 Japanime / Manga

Bleach Crew June 13 2007

2007-06-21 Japanime / Manga

Sunshine December 1, 2006

2006-12-09 Japanime / Manga
I just started it like a simple thing your hand do freely, and then i liked it more and more, and i added more and more details, and finally a background. It's still a simple drawing, but a special simple drawing.
------ -- - - - -- ---- --------- --- -- - - - - - ---------
Solo lo empece como una cosa q hace tu mano libremente, y despues me gusto mas y mas y aniadi mas y mas cosas, y finalmente hice el fondo. Sigue siendo un simple dibujo, pero uno special y simple.


2006-10-21 Naruto
October 19, 2006
Quick drawing,in my lunch time of work


2006-09-26 Cowboy Bebop
Sept.25 2006
croosover technike(black pen)

Drops From Another Heart

2006-09-19 Not a fanart
No words...feel as u like about this very personal

*oleo...size:33x27 cm

the love day

2006-09-19 Not a fanart
This is my story...
one day (san valentine day of 2006) a "man-boy" came to my house..and gave me a present with a beatifull red roses. I didnt care about who gave them to me..just how simple and soft they were...That was a temptation to my mind and talent. So, i decide to make art ...just for fun, but i think that beside all kind of paint, is a piece of soul screaming in silence...( like a friend told me :P thanks..)

dont get bored people..use your life to discover new things..and keep the good ones u already have


2006-09-19 Not a fanart
, did in.....aproximadamente en... unos 50 mins..My favorite part are the shadows of the checks,,like her left side...nor ours..hers left face side.
by charcoal

Blood, Knowledge And Gold

2006-09-19 Not a fanart class


2006-09-18 Not a fanart
10 mins of art class

La Bola Sin Sentido

2006-09-18 Not a fanart
10 mins art class

Duende Loko

2006-09-18 Not a fanart
stupid same statue of the art class...( like it) but sick of it
* ten mins of art class

First Watercolor

2006-09-18 Not a fanart
praticing with watercolor

Don quijote..(statua)

2006-09-18 Not a fanart
ten mins of art class

Soft Inspiration By The Sun

2006-09-18 Not a fanart
10 mins art class
by pastel

I Wont Let U Go

2006-09-17 Not a fanart
* DMC *
What a dream can make u do...

Leona, Pastel Suave

2006-09-16 Not a fanart
anooooooother quick drawing in 10 mins art class

. Art Class --Stupid 10

2006-09-16 Not a fanart
Nov 11/2006
nothing special as almost always..did in those 10 mins of the start of the art class(2006-07) , when a person of the class pose for some mins in the middle like a "practice exercies"....
*by the way, is picture..coz its actualk size is A3
noda en especial como casi siempre, hecho en esos 10 mins del principio de la clase de arte (2006-06), onde una persona de clase posa por unos minutos en el medio...como un "ejercicio de pratica"
*por cierto..solo es una tamanio actual es A3

Simple Spring

2006-09-15 Not a fanart
*ART class 2006-2007
It is one of the quick watercolor landscape i did on my ex "estraordinary art class" ( ;_; ) its a u cant see all the colors as they really r
Es uno de los rapidos dibujos de paisaje a acuarela q ice en mi ex "clase extrordinaria". is una foto, asiq no podreis ver los colores como en realidad son.

The Two Alquemist

2006-09-12 Full Metal Alchemist
sep,11 2006.
took quite a time, but it was worth it :)
me tomo tiempo, pero merecio la pena ... :P

My Sexy Side

2006-08-28 Not a fanart
agosto 27 del 2006----
another quick simple...but I love black...and here i love the black hair that i put just looks perfect as black and white ( i am not saaying that the drawing is perfect...just looks perfect to me in black and white..)


2006-08-28 Naruto
nothing special...just a passingtime
nada especial...solo por pasar el rato

My Manga Picture

2006-08-20 Japanime / Manga

ancient fairy

2006-08-14 Japanime / Manga
AGOSTO 13 2006---It was actually a tatoo I found on internet, and then...just 4 fun I decided to give it a little life with color .. :)
* The burning of the outside is real...just experimenting.


En realidad era un tatoo q encontre en internet, y despues decidi darle un poco de vida con el color... :) El quemado de afuera es real...solo experimentando.

Chi !!

2006-07-23 Clamp Studio
~~~ CHOBITS ~~
23 De Julio Del 2006
well ... I was sitting on the church, and I just started to draw the front of the comic of a big deal, maybe I'll do another one more developed, colored or maybe in pencil...

20 De Julio Del 2006

2006-07-22 Japanime / Manga


2006-07-20 Japanime / Manga
-- BLEACH --
12 De Julio Del 2006.

Love Between Kakashi And Sakura

2006-07-17 Naruto
30 De Junio Del 2006

Red Blood In Woman

2006-07-16 Japanime / Manga
11 de Julio del 2006

My Determination

2006-07-14 Japanime / Manga
2006, ( In Spanish Class)...jejeje

by pen

2006-07-13 Japanime / Manga
made in those boring moments in class

De Entre Las Sombras Del Tren

2006-07-13 Japanime / Manga

Cover Desing

2006-07-12 Not a fanart
Winter 2005

CD Desing

2006-07-10 Not a fanart

Sasuke And His Chidori

2006-07-09 Naruto
19 De Enero Del 2006

Iluminating....4 De Mayo Del 2004.

2006-07-07 Japanime / Manga

3 Mins Of Imagination Junio 2006

2006-07-07 Japanime / Manga


2006-06-26 Japanime / Manga
Esto va por ti Rosita...lo q te prometi hace tiempo----did in June 25, 2006

Cristal Drop June 20 2006..

2006-06-21 Not a fanart
i did in 10 mins as a request from my best friend...Rosita !!
charcoal and conte

Naru ,, Final in color--June 19,,2006

2006-06-20 Japanime / Manga
* it was kinda hard to color..because of the size..small, but I tried !!

Naru Black Pen Technike , Juin,18, 2006

2006-06-20 Japanime / Manga
* color version commig up next !!!!

Naru In Pencil Juin, 18, 2006

2006-06-20 Japanime / Manga
* black pen technike comming up next !!

Juste Un Sketch De Naru Juin, 18 , 06

2006-06-20 Japanime / Manga
* a pencil version comming up next !!!


2006-06-17 Bleach
Bleach0-- June, 17, 2006

Model 4 Del Aout, 2004

2006-06-15 Not a fanart

Spirit Of Tao June 21 05

2006-06-15 Japanime / Manga
Spirit of Tao/Comic

Hi Creator!!! Nov 2004

2006-06-15 Japanime / Manga

From The Darkness Summer 2005

2006-06-14 Not a fanart

14 De Julio Del 2004

2006-06-14 Japanime / Manga

Desing 2002 03

2006-06-14 Not a fanart

Chocobo Color 28 ,July 2004

2006-06-14 Final Fantasy

In Black Pen Enero Del 2005

2006-06-14 Not a fanart

Sexy Student Janvier 2005

2006-06-14 Not a fanart

Green Head 2005

2006-06-14 Not a fanart

Master And Monster Art Class 2005

2006-06-14 Not a fanart

Black Face May 2006

2006-06-14 Not a fanart

Final Model Goes 4u Ronald

2006-06-12 Naruto
I did like a desing of the "tattoo-seal" that Sasuke has. it's 4 my best friends next tattoo.i just did in a plane surface , because we didnt find one on internet.I did the shape and then colored it in photoshop.


2006-06-10 Japanime / Manga
---BLEACH---Tecnike Pen Friday, 9, 2006

The Lovely Kiss

2006-06-10 Not a fanart

Playing The Guitarrrrr Pen ,,2004

2006-06-10 Not a fanart

Monstruo En El Barco Tinta,,2005

2006-06-09 Not a fanart

Wqndering Again Purple Pen,,2004..

2006-06-09 Not a fanart

Practicing Normal Pen, 2004...

2006-06-09 Not a fanart Pen...

2006-06-09 Not a fanart

Cutie Riku Color Pencils June, 7,2006

2006-06-09 Final Fantasy
that goes 4u poc!!

Fall 12 Del 8 Del 2004

2006-06-07 Japanime / Manga

Alien Girl..june 2001..

2006-06-06 Not a fanart

Angel Fallng 29 Del 8 Del 2004

2006-06-06 Not a fanart

Enero 2004..

2006-06-06 Japanime / Manga

Just Done 7 Del 8 Del 2004,,..

2006-06-06 Japanime / Manga

My New Warrior 18 Del 8 Del 2004

2006-06-06 Not a fanart

Pen Finales Del 2005

2006-06-06 Not a fanart

Brazo-Arm Part 2 Color Pencil 2005

2006-06-06 Not a fanart

Brazo -Arm--part 1--Nov 2005

2006-06-06 Not a fanart

Girasoles Acrilic 2002

2006-06-06 Not a fanart

Mix 21 De Nov 2005

2006-06-06 Not a fanart

Lara Croft Pencil 2001

2006-06-06 Video games

Jennifer Lopez 2001

2006-06-06 Not a fanart

Lokking Forward 2006

2006-06-06 Not a fanart

Michael Jackson....all pen since the beging--2000

2006-06-06 Not a fanart
I did's funny 4 me look at it now... xD...

lo hice en el es divertido verlo ahora..:)

Dising 9 Del 12 2004

2006-06-06 Not a fanart

2006 Pencil

2006-06-06 Not a fanart

Abry BLACK INK Art Class

2006-06-06 Not a fanart

Spring Light Pastels May 2006

2006-06-06 Not a fanart

My Hand Conte Pencils Jan 2006

2006-06-06 Not a fanart

Ignudo Conte Pencil Jan 2006

2006-06-05 Not a fanart

Ying Yang Ninja October 2005

2006-06-05 Not a fanart

SELF Portrait Sep 26 2006

2006-06-05 Not a fanart

Wild Jungle Made On Watercolor

2006-06-05 Not a fanart

An Eagle Art Class Jan, 4 2006

2006-06-05 Not a fanart

Ying Yang July 23rd 2005

2006-06-05 Not a fanart

Kimimaru June 4 2006

2006-06-05 Naruto

For Me From Parker Williams March 2005

2006-06-05 Not a fanart is not friend and i did an extange of I'll do again the one I did for u guys can see...

Mixed Mind And Thoughts

2006-06-05 Not a fanart

Chinese Mask In Oleo

2006-06-05 Not a fanart

Mi Imagination...

2006-06-05 Not a fanart

Yo Con Las Kariokas

2006-06-04 Not a fanart

In The Hot Summer 2004

2006-06-04 Not a fanart

W.I.T.C.H 2 De Septiembre Del 2004

2006-06-04 Japanime / Manga

Looking Towards My Memories

2006-06-04 Not a fanart

Practicing Years Ago

2006-06-04 Not a fanart

Chrietie T5 Mayo 2006

2006-06-04 Japanime / Manga
Video games...

Yuna 4 De Agosto Del 2004

2006-06-03 Final Fantasy

FF VIII Squall And Rinoa 28 July 2004

2006-06-03 Final Fantasy
for my new frind

Sexy Pilicewomen Nov 30, 2005 In Color

2006-06-03 Not a fanart
I didn't finisih it, I was just having fun coloring it in photoshop..jejeje..but it look quite interesting if we compare it to the original..
no lo he terminado, solo me estaba divirtiendo al colorearlo en el photoshop, jijiji but se asi interesante si lo comparamos al original :)

My US Gov cover book-Feb-2006

2006-06-03 Not a fanart

Soft Wind Between Me And My Dreams

2006-06-03 Not a fanart

Sexy Pilicewomen Nov 30, 2005

2006-06-03 Not a fanart

Red Ninja Enero- 2006

2006-06-03 Japanime / Manga

Bufon Atrevido Marzo, 2006

2006-06-03 Japanime / Manga

Cutie Manga Faces Mix 2004 2005

2006-06-03 Japanime / Manga
solo junte varias caritas modificadas por mi...nada mas....
i just recopilate some faces modifided by me...nothing else

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